Baby Steps

This is, the story of a girl…who never imagined her early fascination with EasyBake ovens was a symptom of a life-long obsession with food. I started off small – once I realized my sandbox cookies weren’t as good as my mom’s, I moved on to better things. My mom taught me how to make cookies from the sacred Mrs. Fields cookie book. I was trained early to make the annual pumpkin and apple pies for Thanksgiving dinner. As I grew up I realized I was happiest when I was eating delicious food, with a book in one hand and a fork in the other. I started reading the City Palate magazine for fun. I discovered the Food Network when I was sick with the flu and have been hooked ever since. Things culminated quickly in high school, when I successfully completed my mission to organize a potluck in every single class before I graduated (sadly that accomplishment is probably on par with getting my diploma).

I knew by then I was pretty strange – I wasn’t sure why people weren’t as excited by things like risotto, applewood cheddar, and almond croissants. As an undergrad, the quest for new ways to procrastinate led me to food blogs – both a blessing and a curse. Now I’m part of an awesome food club on campus and have been baking more than ever. So through this blog, I’ll be sharing lots of recipes and restaurant reviews from my adventures in food. My sister K. is a budding photographer and will provide many gratuitous macro shots. Enjoy!

Summer strawberry crostata